Jd Concrete Slabs & Stairs

JD Concrete Slabs and Stairs

Jd Concrete Slabs & Stairs

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JD Concrete Slabs and Stairs
We specialize in the following:

1. Engineering
2. Polystyrene Rib & Block Slabs
3. Concrete Rib & Block Slabs
4. Installations
5. Ready Mix Concrete
6. In – Situ Slabs
7. Staircases

Advantages of JD Polystyrene Concrete Slab:

1. 90% Lighter than the Concrete Rib & Block system. Only 41kg Product weight per m2 compared to 165kg/m2.
2. One polystyrene block needed to cover 1m2 and weighs only 1.5kgs, compared to concrete blocks weighing 125kg.
3. Cheaper transport cost due to weight. Up to 200m2 on 1 x 8 ton truck.
4. SANS 204 energy efficiency compliance. R – value of 5.8 compared to 1.8 of Concrete Rib & Block system.
5. Superior sound properbilities. Makes the slab installed totally sound proof.
6. Totally carbon foot print free. Fire retardant material.
7. The polystyrene block acts as an insulation layer. No addition insulation required.
8. Green product – Endorsed by Government for energy efficient building

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